rasdaman newsletter 05/2022

Cubes in the Sky at ESA LPS

Don´t miss our presentations at ESA´s Living Planet Symposium, 23-27 May in Bonn. We keep you in the loop with orals and posters to the topic of datacubes, Artificial Intelligence and federations.

  • 24 May, 11.10am, room 6, talk Peter Baumann: ORBiDANSE: Querying Cubes in the Sky Learn more about shifting data processing on board of satellites so that not raw data, but answers to user questions can be provided in near-realtime.
  • 25 May, 17.30pm, poster: AI-Cube: Combining Datacube Scalability with AI Intelligence We present the AI-Cube project where datacube fusion and AI-based analytics will be integrated, demonstrated in several real-life application scenarios, and evaluated on a federation of DIASs and further high-volume EO / geo data offerings.
  • 26 May, 17.30pm, poster: Pixels United: An Open, Standards-Based Datacube Federation We give you insights into the largest operative datacube federation worldwide - the EarthServer inititive. Currently a data volume of 136 Petabyte is available, and every day it grows. The federation is working towards the vision of a single integrated, homogenized, location-transparent datacube pool. In analogy to the term "server-less" such a federation might be called "datacenter-less" as users do not need to know the concrete data location any longer.

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