ISO Array-SQL:
Agile Big Science Data Analytics

Any-size multi-dimensional arrays, embedded in SQL. Seamless integration of data and metadata. Agile Big Data Analytics on science and engineering data. This is ISO SQL/MDA.

It's Science-SQL: SQL/MDA (MDA for "Multi-Dimensional Arrays") allows integrated retrieval and analytics on sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data alongside with their metadata, in one and the same SQL database.

It's Array-SQL: SQL/MDA unleashes the flexibility and scalability of SQL for arrays, the predominant Big Data category in science and engineering.

It's ISO: In June 2014, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC32 WG3 has decided to establish ISO 9075 Part 15: SQL/MDA as ISO's latest SQL extension, specifically for Big Science Data.

SQL/MDA concepts are crafted along rasdaman, the leading Array Database.

Contact: Peter Baumann [ imprint; image: Shutterstock ]